Movie Premieres

One of the great thing’s about London is that sometimes it’s quite easy to see famous events and celebrities that you might not normally see at home (unless you live in LA!)

There are regular Movie Premiere’s held in London, most of the time they are all held at Leicester Square at the Odeon Cinema.  Though it depends on the show sometimes they are also held at the Empire or the Vue, or not even in the square at all…   Though if it is a big blockbuster movie it will be held there.

Check out what’s coming up by looking at the Westminster Special Events website as they regularly list what Premieres are going to be shown or check the papers as some of them are advertised.   They also usefully list a number of other events within Westminster worth checking out for free.

If you are going to turn up for one, if you do want to be in the front row to actually meet people you will most likely have to turn up around 3/4pm to be able to get a good spot for a movie that won’t start until about 6.30/7/7.30pm.    So be prepared to wait, obviously it all depends on the movie though.. For the last Harry Potter movie there were some crazy Germany girl’s that actually slept the night in the Square so they could be first in line for the premiere!  (Though they don’t normally put up barriers/fencing until the early afternoon of the premiere)

In the few time’s that I’ve been along, I’ve been able to take a number of photos of stars and personally shaken hands with Tim Robbins, Daniel Day-Lewis, Pedro Almodovar and Vin Diesel.

All depends on the movie, but the bigger one’s normally have a lot more of a show as well as well as other non-movie celebrities.   If they movie’s not that much of a blockbuster you’re likely to have Jordan and Big Brother winners (or losers) coming along.  Yet if it’s something like a Star Wars/James Bond/Harry Potter, etc it’s going to get people like Madonna, some of the Royal Family, and other A-List “Hollywood” type stars come along.

If you keen to actually walk along the red (or blue/green/pink) carpet, very occasionally some of the movies do a Charity screening for the Premiere and if you contact the Movie Distributor or the Charity you might be able to get tickets so you can see the show.   Though this is quite rare, and the tickets will be expensive (think 60 pounds+) and hard to get.

You can find out some more information on this site as well

Good Luck and have fun!


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