Cheap Haircuts in London?

Well London isn’t a cheap place to get a haircut.   Looking around at a number of hairdressers you’ll see that even a guy’s haircut is at least about 25 pounds (or a lot more depending on where you go).   I know that in New Zealand the haircut’s are about the same dollar amount, yet the exchange rate between NZ and England is 2.5 to 1! Also it’s a lot cheaper to get a haircut in somewhere like Bangor, Wales than it is in London.

Of course just because your paying this kind of money doesn’t mean your getting a better haircut than elsewhere.  I remember watching some hair dressing award show, or something random like that and a guy there made the comment about how many other businesses can you work in where when you go out to a nightclub party and the company buy’s bottles of vodka at 150 pounds each!

However there are a few options available.

1.  Go somewhere else apart from London! Overseas country trip, or even a visit to somewhere else in England.

2. For guys (and I think girls), there’s a chain with a few branches around London called Mr Toppers.  They charge 7 pounds for a cut.  Though saying that they pretty much only use cutters and you’ll could end up looking a bit like you just enlisted in the US Army.  Well that’s what happened to me. 🙂

3. There are a number of salons that have training schools and constantly need models (This normally work’s better for girls rather than guys though, as they don’t need to cut men’s hair as often).  If you pick up the free daily paper (The Metro), then often in the back page’s of that there will be ad where it says hair models required.  Toni and Guy regularly advertise and with a coupon it’s normally 5 pounds.   You can also just try them direct, though you then have to pay around 15 pounds. (Look for the Academy).   Vidal Sasson also have a training school.  But wary though, the haircut’s might not be exactly what you are after as they will be done by students.  Because they are students they have to check regularly with their tutor which means that your haircut will take several hours, prepare for at least a whole afternoon!

4. The final option is to just go to somewhere that’s not so cool and trendy, at least suburb wise if not shop wise as well.  I’ve found a number of hairdressers that do a decent men’s haircut for around 10 pounds in places like Kilburn and Clapham Junction.  Sometimes it can even be a matter of walking around the corner – there is even a nice place that I have been to in West Hampstead called Remix and they do guys haircuts for £15, and ladies are around £20.  Yet other salons in West Hampstead on the main road like Hob Salons charge at least double that!

Most of the expensive hairdressers are of course in the expensive areas.  But as suggested have a look around the more normal/cheaper areas and a give someone new a try, who knows you might get a great deal and a great haircut!

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