Christmas presents for back home..

So it’s almost Christmas..  well ok it’s still a while away at the moment, but the problem is if your in the UK and want to send presents back home to Australia/NZ/etc you may not have realised that the SeaPost cutoff date for getting there by Christmas time is the 30th of September!

(Royal Mail Christmas mail closing dates)

The supermarkets of course are already starting to get out the Christmas decorations/presents and everything else.  A few shops are having sales before the Christmas rush starts, so maybe now is the time to get those presents sorted.

Here’s our top tips for getting those Christmas presents sorted,

  • Do it early!  Don’t wait until the last day of airmail to send presents back home, or you’ll be stuck in the Post Office for at least an hour behind everyone else who wants to post presents home.  You can also take advantage of some sales that are still on before all the shops start selling full price for Christmas
  • If you do leave it late, remember the last mail dates are all quite different depending on where you are posting to.   Make sure your presents arrive in time for Christmas, not New Years! (as some of mine did one year)
  • Think about ordering via websites back home, you can get cheaper prices sometimes and a quicker (or closer to christmas) delivery time (just do a google search or look in the TNT magazine for a few website options)
  • Try ordering on websites here and look at getting it posted direct to people, it can be cheaper than getting it posted to you in the UK before you then post it on again.   We got the Book of Cool as a present for family in Australia one year, and it was cheaper to get it sent direct there than it was by any other means!  One of the big ones to try is of course Amazon, they can either post direct for you, or you may find that some of the Marketplace sellers are already located in the country you want to send to.

There is always the option of just sending some money back home, and getting a friend or family member to buy a few things for you.   This could be a cheaper and easier option, but obviously depends on someone back home willing to do twice their Christmas shopping!

There are a number of different companies that can do this for you..   Two that we know of are Tranzfers (they support a number of different countries around the world now), and TNT Forex.

I would NOT recommend you go through a bank in the UK here as they will royally rip you off.  Tranzfers for example charge a £7 fee to send money from the UK to Australia.   While HSBC charge £30!

Good luck getting all those presents sorted!

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