The Lost Lectures – Interesting short lectures in random locations


The Lost Lectures are on tonight and Friday.

So what are?  Well they are a collection of lectures (and some demonstrations) from all kinds of interesting and varied people, each of them 12 minutes long, all being held in a random venue in London.

We’ve been to a few of them and the venues have ranged from a  Music Hall in Shepherd’s Bush to a Lighthouse building out in the docks area.   The speakers have also varied from Ms Marmitelover starter of popup kitchens to RealTimeWWII twitter to a Scientist who was working on finding the Higgs Boson particle and much more in between.

Tickets are already sold out (and did so a while ago), but you might be able to get returns off other people if you follow their twitter feed – @TheLostLectures

Check out past videos here –

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