International Pillow Fight Day 2014

Well this Saturday it’s one of the stranger events you might ever go to – An International Pillow Fight!

Being held in Trafalgar Square from 3pm on Saturday, the first Saturday in April.

This is the sixth year it’s occurred in London, though it according to TimeOut, it seems that this year Boris The No-Fun Mayor has decided that there is “maintenance” that will take place in Trafalgar Square..  in other words if your event does not expensive corporate sponsors we don’t like you… so the event may or may not take place.. depends on how much is closed off we guess.

The two main rules are, hit gently it’s a pillow fight not a boxing competition and don’t hit anyone with a camera!

If you want to see what last year’s event looked like check out the video below

Or see the photos below

International Pillow Fight - Let the Feathers fly International Pillow Fight - Smack Down Boosh International Pillow Fight - Feathers It's All Feathers!

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