Gospel Oak Lido (An outdoor swimming pool!)

There’s been some great hot days here in London lately, but when it gets hot in London it can be a bit much to handle.  There’s no close beach nearby (Brighton does not count as a beach!)
So if you want to cool off, and do it outdoors there’s not a lot of options.. but there are a few.   If you’re looking for an outdoor swimming pool, then a number of them here are called “Lido’s”.    There’s also even natural ponds in Hampstead Heath if you want to go for a more natural swim.

There are quite a few Lido’s around London, just do a google search in your area and hopefully you’ll find one nearby.   One that we’ve been to a couple of times recently is the Gospel Oak lido.   It’s really handy as it’s literally right beside the Gospel Oak overground station.   Hop off the train and into the pool.   Though on the super sunny days there will be a bit of a queue to get in there!

It’s quite a unique pool as well as it’s 60 metres long and it has a stainless steel liner, oh and it’s also unheated!  Though when it’s close to 30c outdoors it’s refreshing to go for a swim in it.   Just note it’s reasonably expensive if you go during the main day swim session, but they do have adult only swim sessions in the morning and evenings some days.   See the picture for details.

Gospel Oak queue Gospel Oak Lido times Gospel Oak Lido Gospel Oak Lido

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