The Taste of Home – Kiwi/Aussie and other Snacks from home

So your a long way from home and occasionally get the munchies.  Well you start wanting those snacks, drinks or other strange things that they only do back home.   Thankfully with London being so big and having such a large population of people from all over the world there’s a number of places where you can order/buy the items from home.

New Zealanders

So you’re having some Cookie Times, (Kiwi) Marmite and Toffee Pops.   There’s a few places to choose from.

You used to be able to go behind the NZ Embassy, on the Haymarket just down from Piccadilly Circus and find the Kiwifruits shop –, though after being around for more than 10 years, they closed down a while ago. 🙁

There was also a Aussie/Kiwi/SA Shop around the back of Covent Garden area – 27 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, WC2E7JS, but they have closed down now as well.

Which means you mainly have to try online now,

If you are something to pick up off a shelf, try a few of the big Tesco Supermarkets.  They sometimes have a small selection of goods as well, I know the huge superstore beside the Wembley IKEA has some NZ/Oz/SA food selection, though it’s a bit hit and miss what you might get there.

For Kiwi wines try

The New Zealand House of Wine –

Must Wines Limited –

While if you want to send some wine in NZ try –



See above, the Aussie/Kiwi/SA shop online

There used to be some JumBucks store – that did a few bits and pieces, but they appear to have closed down as well now..

Not enough Aussies/Kiwi’s coming over here any longer!


Online stores
Some online shops for the same kind of thing, though as always with online shopping be careful of handing over your details

These guys used to have a shop in Willesden Green a good few years ago, but are online only now
Haven’t tried this site so far, they may have closed down as well.. .



Oh and you just happen to have a hankering for some excellent pies, check out Brother Tom –


Afraid it looks like in the last couple of years due to the UK government doing excessive clamping down on allowing immigrants it mean’s there are not that many Southern Hemisphere people coming over any longer, so there’s not enough customers for the shops to survive on.   Heck there’s only ONE Walkabout pub left in London now.

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