Tour de France – All the rest

Well wherever the tour goes, there’s also the equilvant of a whole circus or more that goes along too.   From both an actual “circus” (well that’s what they call all the promotional companies/cars that go ahead of the actual race) to the all the media and shops and other events that come along with le Tour.

In London here they had three different “fan parks” setup, one in Green Park, one in Trafalgar Square and one in the Canary Wharf area.

The one in Trafalgar Square had a stage and a number of bands playing, including La Maison Tellier, check them out, we heard them at Bestival a few years ago and they were great.

The crowds if you get a good spot, stick with it! Almost there One way to ride T Square Take my money! Tempting IMG_6878 Finish line IMG_6886 IMG_6896 Really, take my money! IMG_6902 Frogs legs Yummy Ice Cream! Cakes! Cool Sushi Van La Maison Tellier

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