The London Marathon – Cheer them on!

So this Sunday is the 2016 London Marathon.    If you wanted to run in it.. well you’re miles too late for applying.   Though if you are keen/crazy then look out in a few days, as after this one finishes they release the ballot option for next year.  But be aware, it’s ridiculously hard to get an entry in it.   You might have to try a number of years before you do.   The best ways to actually get in are to either do super athlete run times in previous events, or to run for a charity.   If you run for a charity you normally have to guarantee to raise a certain minimum amount of money for the charity, each one is slightly different so check them out before signing up.

If you are running, here’s some Marathon Tech preparation tips to help you on the day.   Just make sure you get to the check in area in plenty of time as it’s quite a walk from the nearby stations and there are big crowds of people running!

Here’s 10 things no one tells you about the London Marathon

If you’re running, it’s great to go along and cheer all the people along.   There’s lots of fancy dress and the proper athletes as well as all the people who probably only started running a few weeks ago!  But they all deserve support for running the 26.2 miles…  It’s a long way to go!


The final run past Big Ben and down The Mall is a great part to be…  or go earlier and find one of the pubs on the route where you can have a drink and cheer people on at the same time.






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